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Wedding Magician 2017



Hello and happy new year – welcome to 2017!


According to the central statistics office, there were approximately 21,245 registered marriages in Ireland last year – that’s a lot of parties, and a lot of guests! Hopefully you’re looking to add to that number this year and you’ve found this website in your search for a Wedding Magician, who you’d like to have entertain your guests on your own special day. Seeing as Rua is Ireland’s leading close-up magician at the moment, you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place, and we’re confident that we have just what you need! Rua is also a registered supplier with Ireland’s No.1 Wedding website ‘Weddings Online’, and you can see his profile and read some reviews from other couples here.


To get in touch – fill out an enquiry form on this page here, or continue reading to learn more about Rua and how he can add the Wow Factor to your big day!


Rua on The Late Late Show from Paul Gleeson on Vimeo.


Who is Rua?


Rua is the star of TG4’s massive 10 part magic, mentalism and escapology series ‘Draiocht’ which launched him into the limelight early in 2014 thanks to glowing reviews and a live performance and interview on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show which was viewed by just over 410,000 people. As well as that, he’s been featured on TV3’s Ireland AM, the BBC Northern Ireland, RTE 2’s Two Tube, TG4’s ‘Cluiche Thart’ and a host of the biggest radio shows across Ireland, including an interview with Ryan Tubridy which received rave reviews in the Irish Times ‘Radio Review’ section, after Rua managed to predict Ryan’s choices, and read his mind live on air, and tell him the final word that he’d like to say on his deathbed before passing away. He is also regularly hired to give talks on the neuroscience of illusion and perception and has spoke at Trinity College, The Mansion House, UCD, NCIRL and at a number of different corporate events. He makes a living as a full time TV Magician, and as a Wedding Magician, Stage Entertainer, and Corporate entertainer in Ireland, across Europe and the East Coast of the United States.



Check out Rua’s Showreel below, and his Saturday Night Show interview and performance by clicking here.





Why book a Wedding Magician?


Thanks to the massive resurgence of Magic on Television, it has become the most intriguing and most sought after form of event entertainment – offering guests an extremely rare opportunity to experience a Magician performing one-on-one for them right underneath their very noses. Rua blends sleight of hand with a style of Mind-Reading we now know as Mentalism (thanks to Keith Barry and Derren Brown’s popularisation of it!), and guests can have the unique experience of having their inner most thoughts read, their choices controlled and accurate predictions made about their immediate future. Add to this a world class sleight of hand ability with Playing cards, the power to bend metal, make finger rings and mobile phones disappear in the blink of an eye and you’ve got the perfect ice-breaker among strangers and a series of moments and memories that your guests will be talking about for years, maybe even decades to come. Hopefully, you’ll see now why the idea of booking a Wedding Magician has become so popular in Ireland recently.You can check out some of the reviews from previous couples on Rua’s Verified Weddings Online Profile page below.




When would the Wedding Magician perform?


All to be discussed, as it’s really up to you – Rua has found that the majority of Weddings follow a similar structure which sees the newly weds off getting their Photographs taken after the ceremony, leaving the guests to attend the Reception. It’s during the reception that Rua feels is the perfect time to perform. Why? Because a lot of guests won’t know each other, and his speciality is bringing guests together and performing for them, whilst getting them all involved in the fun. They’ll share equal amounts of laughs and equal amounts of astonishment, so when Rua leaves to go to the next group, the previous group will have something to talk and laugh about, completely breaking the ice. It’s also the time in which everybody is ready for a drink and ready for the fun to start – what better way to get the party started than to unleash a Wedding Magician amongst the un-witting crowd to keep them entertained all the way up to the beginning of the meal!?


Of course, Rua can perform during the meal between the different courses as well – however, it’s important to note that he’ll never perform when guests are eating, for the simple facts that (a) it’s rude and (b) the food should be an important part of the experience which should be enjoyed without interruption. Because of this, the time spent at each of the tables is slightly more rushed as he’ll have to compete with the waiting staff, who have a nasty habit of completely ruining finale’s! That said, table hopping is a very popular style which Rua regularly performs and will of course be happy to oblige with your requirements.



Hiring a Wedding Magician – Sounds pricey…?


Down to the nitty gritty, and the information you probably really came here for, right? How much will all of this cost? Well the bad news is that it’s extremely difficult to give a set fee without knowing any details of the event, for instance – date, location and travel, length of time required and the amount of guests attending. However, we’ve found that the industry standard starting point in Dublin is €450 for a number of Professional Wedding Magicians – and this fee fluctuates from performer to performer based on merits, demand and accolades, allowing it to go between €500 up to €1000.


Let the buyer beware:


It’s important to note that the obvious human thing to do would be to try and find the cheapest Wedding Magician possible and just go with that, because ‘Magic is Magic’, right? Unfortunately that’s very very wrong. If you were getting your first home painted, would you hire a well-meaning amateur with no real experience simply because he’s cheaper, or would you hire a professional with years of experience and customer testimonials praising his abilities, who costs a bit more? It’s a no-brainer! You only get one shot at your Wedding Day – your guests will remember it for the rest of their lives and so will you – please don’t hire an amateur entertainer who could leave a bitter taste in your mouth and leave a stain on your special day! We’ve heard some serious horror stories that don’t bare repeating! It’s like the old saying goes: “Pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys“. If you come across another performer who’s charging significantly less, definitely question why! ie. is he a well-meaning amateur who has a day job and just wants to earn some quick cash on the weekend and hone his skills at your expense? You deserve better, and your guests deserve better.

Instead of risking it, hire a full time Professional Magician with a solid reputation, a proper website and showreel, and testimonials from previous clients. You’ll thank your lucky stars afterwards (and if you hire Rua, ask him to tell you the story of the ‘Amateur Magician, the Red Wine and the Wedding Dress’!).


Click here to read Rua’s “5 Simple Tips on hiring an entertainment Magician.”


How do I get in touch?


Getting in touch couldn’t be easier, and you have two options. Firstly, you can fill out an enquiry form on this page here, or alternatively, you can give us a call on 086 3999 223 to discuss the details of your event and how Rua can work with you to make it as memorable as possible! Please note that demand is already very high this year with a number of bookings that were made in 2014, meaning that Rua’s dates and availability are limited, so do get in touch as soon as you can to avoid losing out on your special day.


Thanks for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon!


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