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Rua on The Late Late Show

This weekend, April 21st 2017, I was fortunate enough to have one of my biggest dreams come true. I was invited onto Ireland’s biggest and most prestigious TV show, and the second longest running talk show in the world, RTE’s The Late Late Show. Ever since I began performing over a decade ago, I’ve had this goal in mind, and dreamt about it almost every single day.




When my first TV series Draíocht aired on TG4, I was invited onto it’s host, Ryan Tubridy’s radio show to do an interview and a performance. Ryan was an absolute gentleman from the moment I walked into the studio and welcomed me in the most gracious way possible. Fortunately, Ryan seemed impressed by my material and wanted to have me on the Late Late Show as a guest. However, another show on RTE, The Saturday Night Show wanted to have me on as well, and offered us a more strategic spot the night before the premiere episode aired, while The Late Late could only have me the week afterwards. For the PR team involved, it made more sense on a business level to take the Saturday Night Show, which was also a huge honour for me and can be watched below. Obviously, I couldn’t do both shows in succession, so, I’d have to wait another while before getting the opportunity again. However, I was a guest on Ryan’s radio show several times afterwards, and I can honestly say that he’s the nicest person I’ve ever met in the Irish entertainment and television industry. Oddly enough, he also once shared a meal with my dad and Al Pacino, both of whom echoed my sentiments! But that’s another story for another day!



Fast forward a few years, and many many TV appearances later, and the call that every performer dreams of came in – an invitation to perform on The Late Late Show. In hindsight, it worked out well as I had the opportunity to garner a lot of experience with Live TV shoots in between time, which meant I wasn’t too nervous about being on the most watched, Live TV show in the country. As always I run my ideas pass the Production team in RTE, as well as my own circle of trusted friends and writers, like the fantastic Paddy Courtney, who always uses his keen eye to trim the fat from my scripts. The rest is history, and if you have a few minutes, I’d love for you to watch my performance below.


Rua on The Late Late Show from Paul Gleeson on Vimeo.


The reaction that this opportunity has gotten is unimaginable, and it seems that it’s true what they say – ‘almost everybody in Ireland watches The Late Late Show’, and I’m so genuinely thrilled to have had some very large brands get in touch about entertaining at their upcoming events, and welcome many more as well.


I’d like to take a quick opportunity to thank everybody who has sent me a message of support and congratulations on this really cool achievement, and I hope I did you all proud! Also, a quick reminder to keep your eyes on the TV3 screens in the coming weeks, as something even bigger should be coming out very soon as well, if all my stars align!

Thanks for the support,