New Vlog: Some Kinda Wizard

Hey guys,

Firstly, thanks a million for checking out my Website, my blog, and my TV appearances throughout my career so far. While it’s very late in the day, I’ve decided to start a YouTube Video Blog called ‘Some Kinda Wizard‘. Through this platform, I hope to share some of the fantastic and unique experiences I get to have a full time Magician. Whether that’s talking about appearances on shows like The Late Late Show, bringing you to cool gigs at cool venues across Ireland, or even just chatting about random things that interest me from film and TV, to fitness and maybe even some amateur thoughts on style…it’ll all be uploaded onto my channel. I hope you find that interesting enough to subscribe to me, and watch as I embrace this new avenue with open arms.


My first few Vlogs are up at the moment, and you’ll see a clear learning process from the first one to the third one, as I find my bearings and get used to what works best for YouTube. You’d think that as a Masters graduate of Film and Television Studies, I’d know my way around a YouTube video…but, I’ve spent the last few years purely in front of the camera, as opposed to handling edits etc. So, I promise I’ll get better as the vlogs continue!


Here are the first 5 Vlogs for you peruse at your leisure.


Welcome to Some Kinda Wizard!