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My Saturday Night Show Interview & Performance

Rua (Paul Gleeson) is the star of TG4’s ten part magic, mind reading and escapology TV series ‘Draíocht’. He co-curated Science Gallery Dublin’s ILLUSION exhibition in 2013, and also had a sellout 4 star show in the Dublin Fringe Festival. A student of magic history and the psychology of illusions, he is regularly hired to perform and speak for companies and Universities across Ireland. He has been featured on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show, TV3’s Morning Ireland, the BBC and every major radio station in Ireland. Rua has a BA and Masters degree in Communication studies from DCU, and currently makes a living performing Close-up magic at Weddings, Corporate Events and Private parties across Ireland, Europe and US.


Recently, I had the most incredible opportunity to showcase my skills on the prestigious Saturday Night Show on RTE, hosted by Brendan O’Connor.


Since becoming a performer, I’d be lying if I said I never day-dreamed about being interviewed on such a huge talk show! I’d even walk around my house answering fake questions out loud! With thanks to all the press and media attention I’ve been receiving from my TV series ‘Draíocht’, this really was a huge highlight for me, and definitely an amazing opportunity for exposure.


It was an amazing night – I was told that a taxi would come to pick me up from my house on the night, and I thought my housemate was joking when I heard a shout up the stairs saying “Rua, your driver’s here!”. I was shocked to find out that a chauffeur driven Town Car had come to pick me up! Two of my friends came along and sat in the audience, which was great, because it’s nice to see a friendly face when you’re feeling a bit nervous. Brendan couldn’t have been nicer, and made me feel very welcome from the moment I walked onto set! I really hope he didn’t mind my ‘core demographic’ joke!


Joining me on the show were Chris Gardner – the man who the film ‘ The Pursuit of Happyness ’ is based on. Jessie Pavelka, the handsome host of several fitness shows in the UK. My friend Joe Roche, who’s been short listed to travel on a one way trip to Mars, and Michelin Star Chef Claire Smyth. All in all, I was surrounded by amazing, inspirational people. We all shared a drink, before being driven in city centre for more fun and frolics in some lovely locations.


I was told afterwards that 410,000 people were tuned in whilst I was performing – an absolutely staggering amount! I do hope they’ve all been inspired to watch my series as a result!


For anybody who’s interested in watching the performance and interview, you can do so here:



While you’re here, you can also watch my promo reel: