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Summer is upon us! Hopefully, that means we have a bit of sun to look forward to. In recent years, a lot of companies around Dublin have been hosting company BBQ’s for their staff, as a summer treat to say thanks for all of their hard work. So, you’ll find your venue and you’ll choose your food quite quickly – that’s the easy part, but something’s missing! Corporate BBQ Entertainment! BBQ’s can be quite run-of-the-mill, because we’ve all been to one, so now’s the time to add something a little bit unique into the equation.



Who Is Rua?

Now that you’re here, you’ll probably want a bit of information about Rua, and why you should consider hiring him as your Corporate BBQ Entertainment this summer. Rua is the hottest name in Irish entertainment at the moment. Following the success of his debut TG4 TV series ‘Draíocht’, he has quickly become the number one choice for not just Corporate BBQ Entertainment, but entertainment for any occasion and any event in Ireland. Rua has been featured on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show, RTE’s Today, TV3′s Ireland AM, The BBC One’s Now You See It, the BBCNI’s i lár an aonaigh, RTE2′s TwoTube, Elev8, Swipe and The Dig In Diner and TG4′s Cluiche Thart as well. He was the Co-Curator for Science Gallery Dublin’s ILLUSION exhibition, which is currently touring the world, and is the first magician in the last decade to have his own TV series in Ireland, since Keith Barry. He is currently the world’s youngest professional escapologist, and holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from the Dublin City University. He is also a multi-award nominated events industry professional.




Rua specializes in what’s called Close-up Magic, which essentially sees him strolling around from group to group and performing a mini-show of miracles for your guests. This always goes down amazingly well, because people will have seen magicians on TV, but will probably never have had the opportunity to see a world-class magician perform for them personally, right under their very nose! Imagine having your mind read and secret details only you could know revealed in just a few moments? Imagine metal bending in the palm of your hands using just the power of your mind? Personal items vanishing and appearing elsewhere, and top quality sleight of hand demonstrations offered up for all to see, if their eyes are fast enough. This is just a taste of what Rua can do to make your Corporate BBQ Entertainment the envy of everybody else’s, and the party that your staff will remember for years to come. Here are just some of the clients who regularly hire Rua for various events across the year both at home and abroad:

You can also check out Rua’s performance and interview on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show below:



Corporate BBQ Entertainment shouldn’t break the bank

Fees for entertainment such as this shouldn’t cost you and arm and a leg. That said, hiring a world-class entertainer isn’t extremely cheap either – as the old saying goes, ‘Pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys!‘. However, Rua can promise that his prices are extremely fair and competitive in terms of the industry standard rates, so the first step you have to make is to just make contact – what’s the worst that could happen. If you fill out a quick enquiry sheet here, or phone 086 3999 223 you’ll get a rapid response within an hour! Company BBQ’s are really popular this year, so it it’s recommended that you book well in advance to avoid disappointment.


In the mean time, why not check out Rua’s Showreel to see what you’ll be getting for your Corporate BBQ Entertainment this summer.