Company BBQ’s 2017

With a sunny summer right around the corner, companies across Ireland are gearing up to treat their hard working staff to evenings / nights of fun and mild debauchery. Corporate BBQ’s get more and more popular every summer, and by the looks of it, this summer is gearing up to be the best one yet!




When planning events internally, a lot of companies neglect the entertainment aspect of what makes a seriously memorable party. A BBQ by itself is just that – a BBQ. It can be done at home, without your co-workers or the stress of trying to relax in front of your boss! However, lately companies have really been going all out when it comes to their company BBQ. Having worked with Vodafone, Air BnB, Google, Linkedin (to name but a few), I’ve been involved in some really awesome parties and always get excited at this time of year about the events I’ll get to perform at over the summer.




Now, perhaps you’ve just stumbled upon this post by chance and you may be wondering ‘who is this guy?’. Well, I’m a Deception Artist – I use deceptive techniques, like sleight of hand, psychology and misdirection to create moments of real life magic for anybody who’ll watch. This might mean revealing your private inner thoughts, or maybe making your diamond ring vanish in a cloud of smoke or even a card trick so impossible that you’ll try to scratch your own brain to figure it out! I’ve been doing these types of things professionally for just over a decade now, and through a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I’ve performed on the biggest stages in Ireland, and on the biggest TV shows in Ireland as well, which of course leads to the biggest brand names hiring me for various events over the calendar year.


Rua on The Late Late Show from Paul Gleeson on Vimeo.



If you’re planning a company BBQ for your colleagues and friends, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what venue you’re using – Hotel, Restaurant, Pub or any outdoor space, I’m 100% confident that I can work with you to make sure that your guests are thoroughly entertained from the get go, and immediately break the ice and get the party started for them, and create memorable moments of magic that they’ll all be talking about the next day. For companies with larger entertainment budgets, I can also create some bespoke pieces specifically for your party. If you fall into this category, please let me know in your initial email and together, we can put some great ideas together.


If you’d like to get in touch about your company BBQ, you can send me an email at with your event details, you can fill in a contact sheet here, or alternatively, you can give me a call on 086 3999 223 during working hours.


I genuinely love my job, and love meeting interesting and diverse people whilst entertaining them, and I’ll be really excited to take your call.