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Christmas Bookings 2017

Hey guys,


I hope your summer was one to remember, and filled with fantastic memories! I certainly had a busy one with all of the Corporate BBQs happening around Dublin, and Wedding gigs around the Leinster area! If you caught me at any of these shows, thanks a million for watching me do my thing.



At this time of year, my email blows up with Christmas party booking requests for December and very early January (yes, it happens!). This blog post is just a reminder to please, get in early and get your party booked in as soon as you can to avoid disappointment, as since doing the Late Late Show a few months ago, things have gotten very very busy, in the best possible way!





Magic and Mentalism are huge hits at Christmas parties, as it gets everybody in the mood to laugh and enjoy themselves. It’s also something different to just having a few drinks before the holidays, which let’s face it…is extremely boring and unimaginative! It’s the festive season, and everybody should be focused on having a memorable, fun time before they close out the year.


If you’re planning your Christmas Party now, pick up the phone and call me on 086 3999 223, or email me on info@iamrua.com to get quotes and availability information.


Thanks for time, and all the fantastic support!