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It’s always nice to know a little bit more about who you’re hiring for your event, so here’s a short Bio about Rua, how he got started in Magic and how he got his own TV series, in his own words.


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Whether you’re an event organizer, a journalist, a Magician, a Student or you’re still at school, I really hope you enjoy my story and hope that it might, in some small way, encourage you to follow your dreams and create your own.



Irish Magician Rua - Paul Gleeson



Before I became a full time Magician, I was working as professional fire performer on the streets of Dublin. After a bad accident, I was left hospitalized for two weeks, during which time a friend gave me a book about card tricks as a joke (because my fingers were burnt to a crisp!). However, I found myself reading bits and pieces from this interesting little book about magic and very quickly found myself hooked.






The minute my hands were better, I started learning simple card tricks and annoying any friends or family members who were bored enough to watch me! Before long I found myself performing at small charity events, and slowly but surely kept performing until I could land a few paid gigs. That was 6 years ago and it’s all history from there really!  I went to DCU to study Business, but quickly realized that accounting and economics just weren’t for me, so after a year I switched to Communication Studies in DCU, where I attained an Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree, and also filmed a Medical Documentary which was nominated for both a Radharc and RTE Award! During my time at DCU, I started working on a small Magic series called ‘White Rabbit’ with the Media Production Society there, and would film with all of the various comedians who would come through the University to do shows there! Since then, I’ve gotten to perform across Ireland, in Spain, Portugal, London, Poland, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas for some of the biggest companies in the world!


“You don’t get into magic, magic gets into you“ - David Blaine


At this point I knew that I wanted to bring my magic to a wider audience, so the TV world seemed like the only avenue for me to progress into.  Adopting the age-old adage that ‘Dreams don’t work unless you do’ I decided that if I wanted to ‘make it’ in the TV world, I’d need to learn everything I could about it, so to get myself started, I attained a Masters Degree in Communications – Film & Television Studies from DCU. During this time I combined my love for the Irish language with my passion for magic and put every penny I had in my pocket into making a TV Pilot for TG4 with a small team of film makers. Unfortunately, this got rejected on the grounds that my Irish wasn’t strong enough, and because the TV network couldn’t exactly give a bunch of unknown Masters Graduates a load of money to make a massive TV series!


“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure” - Bill Cosby


I lost heart for a while and began working for one of the most prestigious PR Companies in Dublin to try to learn more about how the media works. I was gaining a lot of experience while working there, but the truth was that I was miserable – not because of the work, but because I had too much energy to sit in an office cubicle for 9 hours a day! I wanted to be out there making people smile by showing them what I can do!


“Be so good that they can’t ignore you” - Steve Martin


During this time I decided to take another run at things because after all, a river cuts through rock not because of it’s power, but because of its persistence. I was a Junior PR exec by day and a film editor by night. I edited my original TV Pilot into 3 short web-clips under the title ‘White Rabbit’ (which you can see on this site here!) and began sending them out to every Production Company in Ireland before I was quickly snapped up by Midas Productions in Dublin, who were also responsible for putting Keith Barry on the map 9 years ago with his incredible RTE series ‘Close Encounters With Keith Barry’. They had the resources, knowledge and experience to help me realize my vision for what will be Ireland’s first Magic, Mind Reading and Escapology Series made entirely through the Irish language.


“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying” - Tony Robbins


I finally got what almost every magician in the world would kill to have – my very own series on National Television! Though instead of cracking the champagne, I immediately left my job to focus on the massive task of actually writing the series, improving my Irish, rehearsing my performance skills and training my body for the incredibly dangerous escapology stunts that I wanted to do.


Since then, it’s been the most incredible journey and experience of my life, and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you all now that my series ‘Draíocht’ is airing nationwide on TG4. (Please check local listings for further information.)