Rua’s Explosive New Show Reel

Trailer for my TV series ‘Draíocht’

Draíocht‘ airs January 12th, 7.30pm on TG4

White Rabbit Magic Moments

Magic has the ability to transcend space and time by creating a brief moment in which anything is possible. Spectators are instantly transported back to their childhood with a sense of total astonishment. There are no tricks in this video, only those ‘Magic Moments‘ where the camera has caught that same sense of astonishment in the spectators eyes. Watch as the magic slowly sinks in, it’s quite beautiful!

White Rabbit Instinct

Part three of the White Rabbit Web Series see’s Rua perform a heart-stopping effect popularized by Keith Barry, in which a spectator must use their instincts to avoid an extremely sharp spike. Not for the faint hearted!


Irish Language w/ Subtitles

DCU Students Interview Magician Rua

In December 2011 Rua was interviewed by a lovely group of DCU students for a small arts show they were making. One of the presenters, Aisling Brady, had previously seen Rua perform and features in the ‘Instinct’ video. He answered a lot of questions, and performed some cool mind-reading and magic effects!