“Rua has firmly established himself as a master in the dying, though still fascinating craft of live deception”


- The Irish Theatre Magazine

Your guests are likely to have seen famous magicians on TV, but chances are they’ve never had a real-life TV magician perform for them personally, right before their very eyes. Until now.


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Organising a Wedding or a Corporate event? Petrified that it will be the same as everybody else’s?  We’ll tell you a secret: It doesn’t have to be! Click HERE to get in touch, and find out why! Rua has made a very quick and casual video that will introduce him and answer many common questions about what a magician like Rua will do at your event, and how pricing for events works:


Rua on The Late Late Late Show from Paul Gleeson on Vimeo.



Who is Rua?

For the past decade, Dublin based Deception Artist Rua has been the leading force in Irish magical entertainment. In this time, he has starred in his own TG4 TV series Draíocht, thus making him Ireland’s go-to television Magician, Mind Reader and Escapologist. Featured performances and interviews on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show, The Late Late Show, The Today Show, Ireland AM, and The BBCNI, alongside two highly acclaimed one-man shows have garnered him waves of notable attention which have forged a clear path in making Rua the magician unto the world’s elite.






Rua has also been featured and interviewed on every National Radio station in Ireland, from Tubridy to Breakfast Republic. This media profile has made Rua the first choice for entertainment by some of the biggest brands in the world. Rua also holds both a BA and Master’s Degree from the School of Communications in Dublin City University. To read more about Rua, click here.




Whether your event is a Corporate Party, a Wedding or a Private Party, Rua will add the *WOW FACTOR* that will have your guests talking about him for years afterwards. Close up magic and mentalism is the perfect ice breaker for every kind of situation at events, and Rua is quite simply the best around. For Corporate events with a bigger budget, Rua’s unique stage act can engage an entire room of people whether it’s hundreds or thousands, and regularly performs in some of the biggest venues in Dublin.




If you’d like to know more about what you can expect from each type of performance, why not fill out an enquiry form and get in touch here, to find out why some of the brands you see below hire Rua time and time again to entertain at their most important events.




Stage Shows

Rua’s one-man shows have garnered him critical acclaim within the Irish performing arts, with the Irish Theatre Magazine writing that “Rua has firmly established himself as a master in the dying, yet still fascinating, craft of live deception“, and the Irish Times drawing comparison’s to some of Magic’s biggest legends, and writing that “Rua clearly has Derren Brown within his sights“. Rua’s first Fringe Festival show was called ‘Of Rogues and Knaves‘ and explored the world of the card cheat, the hustler and the pick-pocket. His second show was ‘Secrets For Sale‘, which was co-written and co-produced by IFTA Nominated Paddy Courtney, and took a look at a story about a Magician who had decided to use his skills to swindle and con people out of their money. Told from a jail cell, this unique magic show blended audio and visual technology to create a compelling one-man show that utilised a lot of audience participation to bring it to a jaw-dropping climax. This show is now gearing up for a national tour.



ILLUSION: Nothing is as it seems

One of Rua’s proudest achievements to date was Co-Curating and Researching on Science Gallery Dublin’s largest summer exhibition to date, which was titled ‘ILLUSION: Nothing is as it seems‘. The exhibition ,which is now on a dual-tour of the world, explored the neuroscience and psychology of magic and illusion while combining art, science and performance. Throughout the 3 Month long exhibition, Rua Curated the events programme and also gave talks on the life of Houdini, as well as a talk on the skills utilised by Psychics to pray on vulnerable believers. The exhibition was extremely well received, and a visual idea of the featured pieces can be seen here.

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